Oklahoma Divorce Forms

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Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce want to make your divorce as easy and as painless as getting a divorce can be.  We offer a quick low cost solution for you and your partner to file an uncontested divorce. 

What forms do I need to file for divorce in Oklahoma?

To file for divorce in Oklahoma, either party must have resided in the state for at least six (6) months. A petition must be filed with the District Court in which the Petitioner (person filing) resides. The Petition usually requests a dissolution of marriage and temporary orders concerning minor children, support, medical insurance coverage, and tax exemptions. The pleading should contain information regarding other matters that may affect the outcome.

The Petition is served on the spouse; copies are made for the Judge and necessary parties such as the Court Clerk’s Office.

A summons must be issued by the Clerk of Court to be distributed to the parties involved. This document includes a Summons, an Injunction (order) to show cause, temporary orders regarding children, support, and medical insurance coverage. The Injunction provides that if your spouse does not appear at Court, a default judgment may be entered against him or his property without further notice or hearing. A copy of this process will also be mailed upon request.

Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma – what happens next:

If you have filed for divorce in Oklahoma without an attorney, and your spouse chooses to agree with you on all issues, and you have filed for a Mutual Consent Divorce (commonly referred to as an uncontested divorce), the case will settle out of Court. You may still need a lawyer for some of these issues, though, if both parties cannot come to an agreement:

If either party disagrees with anything on the settlement, or if there is no voluntary mutual consent between the spouses, then the case should be set for a hearing in front of a District Judge. At trial, witnesses are asked to testify, and evidence can be presented, such as photos or other documentary evidence. The spouse seeking relief must prove that grounds exist for dissolution by presenting his/her case before testimony from another person takes place. If only one side fails to present any rebuttal evidence (refutes the claims), then the Judge will enter a default judgment against the other person in divorce. The party that was wronged by their spouse will most likely be granted everything they requested for such as custody, support, and property division. If both parties agree to all of the terms, then Oklahoma divorce forms can be completed without going to trial.

If you are considering filing for an Oklahoma divorce, it is always best to consult with an experienced Oklahoma divorce attorney first, even if your situation seems simple! An attorney can help ensure that you are doing what’s best for you and your family during one of the most stressful times in your life. For more information, check out the Attorney’s section here.

A divorce mediator can help you save money and time in Court as well. A mediator will help settle all divorce disputes and prepare an Oklahoma divorce mediated agreement. The Oklahoma divorce agreement is then presented to the Court for approval. If the opposing parties agree, both parties will sign the Oklahoma divorce decree agreement, which binds them to all the decisions made in Court.

For more information about Oklahoma divorce mediation or how you can save time and money during a stressful situation, check out our Mediation section here.

If your Oklahoma divorce is contested (one spouse disagrees on certain issues), you may need an attorney’s professional assistance. An uncontested Oklahoma divorce, sometimes called a “friendly” or “uncontested” Oklahoma divorce, can be accomplished without attorneys using only Oklahoma family law forms. We have some free downloadable Oklahoma Divorce forms to assist you below. 

There are Oklahoma divorce forms for everything you need to file for Oklahoma divorce from your spouse. Whether you want a no-fault or a fault Oklahoma divorce, it’s simple and easy to do through Oklahoma family law forms. The filing fee costs between $185-$254 depending on which county in Oklahoma you file in, so if possible, try to get most of your Oklahoma divorce paperwork done before making the trip.

How To File For Oklahoma Divorce Without A Lawyer – No-Fault vs. FaultNo-Fault Oklahoma Divorce is also known as an uncontested Oklahoma Divorce where neither spouse can prove that the other caused the marriage breakdown and legally separated them (though this separation can be very temporary). The Oklahoma divorce papers filed for a no-fault Oklahoma divorce do not have to provide the reasons why you want an Oklahoma divorce.

If you are seeking Oklahoma Divorce because of irreconcilable differences, grounds for an Oklahoma divorce is not supported by either spouse. It’s okay if one spouse doesn’t agree with how an Oklahoma divorce is executed – this is the type of Oklahoma breakup that most people go through. Irreconcilable Differences can mean anything from being adulterers to just incompatible as adults.

What forms do I need to file for divorce in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma divorce papers are revolved around the irreconcilable differences that caused a breakdown of the marriage. To file Oklahoma divorce papers, you need to have three copies of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. 

The Court makes Oklahoma no-fault divorce easy because all you need on your Petition is your names and addresses, how long you’ve been married if there are any children involved, and what the current marital status is – separated or divorced; then space for other information such as whether alimony or maintenance and how property should be divided.

How do I file for divorce for free in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma court will give you a divorce if your marriage is broken down due to separation and no reconciliation is possible. Make sure that the Court has jurisdiction over your case before going ahead because there are some Oklahoma courts that only deal with specific cases such as family law or juvenile law. Typically, you need to file in the District Court, where you have a legal residence for at least 30 days in your county and 6 months in Oklahoma.

As long as you can get your spouse to agree, you have a chance of getting divorced without an attorney in Oklahoma; this does not mean you should go ahead blindly; it’s just better than spending lots on attorney fees when filing Oklahoma divorce papers.

How To File For Oklahoma Divorce Without A Lawyer – No-Fault vs. Fault

The fees for a contested case with an attorney can range well over $10,000.00 per party. An Oklahoma Contested Divorce Case may take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Some have even taken over 10 years to litigate!

The Oklahoma Oklahoma divorce filing process is all about the various Oklahoma state government forms you will have to file in order to complete your Oklahoma divorce. Here are some Oklahoma divorce documents that you may need:

1. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage – also known as a Divorce Petitioner by which one party asks the Court to end their marital status as well as any orders regarding custody, child support, and alimony; and division of assets and property.

2. Answer and Response to Petition – This is included when a spouse wishes to contest or object to the Oklahoma Divorce Order;

3. An Affidavit of Domicile – This Oklahoma State Affidavit will be submitted to the Court and must contain proof of Oklahoma residency. It states that you have been a resident of Oklahoma for at least six (6) months before filing your Oklahoma divorce;

4. A Waiver of Service – By signing this document, you are telling the Court that you agree to all of the complaints in the Petition and do not need to be served because you agree.

These documents are filed with the Oklahoma District Court Clerks as well as submitted to the Judge for review.

5 . The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act – This rule governs who has jurisdiction over child custody. If you disagree with your Oklahoma ex on Oklahoma child custody, Oklahoma visitation, or Oklahoma support, this act will help the Court decide between what’s in the best interest of the minor children.

6 . Temporary Orders – This document is used in contested divorces where there are children that need Oklahoma child support and Oklahoma visitation enforced by the Court. It gives temporary orders until the divorce is finalized, also including temporary division of assets.

7 . Agreed Decree – Oklahoma uncontested divorces usually end with an Oklahoma agreed decree. Oklahoma divorce forms are court documents that state there are minor children, property division, and spousal support agreed upon between both parties.

8 . Final Decree – This is the final Oklahoma decree of divorce after an uncontested divorce case is finalized. It states that the Oklahoma married couple is legally separated from each other as of the day it’s signed by the Judge and filed with the Court Clerk. Once

Divorce Mediators can help settle all disputes while Oklahoma divorce forms are being filed for an uncontested divorce decree.

9 . Decree of Divorce – This is the Oklahoma divorce decree that Oklahoma law requires by law be completed and signed/filed after Oklahoma divorced couples have reached a final decision on the division of marital assets, income, debts, and personal property between Oklahoma married couple prior to entering into an Oklahoma agreed decree or Oklahoma uncontested divorce.



**** Above forms are what is required for a divorce with minor children and joint custody*****

Instructions for Filing Petition for Dissolution of Marriage 

File the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage form as Oklahoma law requires in a County District Court near where the Petitioner resides or has their legal residence. You don’t have to have an Oklahoma divorce lawyer assist you with filing your Oklahoma Uncontested Petition for Divorce. Obtain your District Court Clerk’s local address to file your Petition, if needed. After successfully filing divorce papers with the Court Clerk, submit two original copies (blue-tinted carbon copy is okay) of all paperwork to be served on your spouse. Ensure that a certified mail receipt is signed by your spouse so that proper proof has been made that the spouse has actually received complete paperwork and documents.

Serving your forms

Oklahoma law requires you to send copies of any documentation to the spouse that hasn’t formally submitted the papers. To achieve “service,” you can use the Sheriff’s Office as a service provider or employ a processor for processing all documents by a person. Alternatively, you’re able to call your spouse for a service of a petition and summons. If you and your spouse are okay, then your spouse will need to submit a consent request on a form that must be filed. If the spouse cannot be located, you may need to file for publication service. Depending on those cases, special services may be applicable. 

Next, file the Waiver of Appearance for your Spouse Has Signed.

If a Divorce is uncontested, then your spouse will need to sign an Entry of Appearance and Waiver of Service. This is filed by the spouse who does not need an attorney. When complete, the District Court Clerk will accept this Waiver of Appearance and enter it into the official Oklahoma records. In other words, your Oklahoma divorce forms have been submitted without having to pay an attorney $800.00 every time they go to the courthouse.

Prepare all exhibits to your Oklahoma Divorce Decree for a spouse to review and sign

Next, prepare any Oklahoma divorce forms exhibits that you want to be signed by your spouse. An Oklahoma Divorce Decree is only complete when both spouses are satisfied and agree on the terms of your Oklahoma divorce forms. The exhibits will be presented to your spouse for review. They can review Oklahoma divorce forms documents at this time if they like. Once prepared, Oklahoma divorce forms may be filed with the court clerks without attorney fees or costs from $150.00 – $800.00

Final Court Date with Judge to Present Decree and Exhibits

Bring your signed Divorce Decree and exhibits with you on your court date. If both parties mutually agree to divorce forms terms, present them to the Judge, and the Court will have you sign the final Divorce Decree.

When you go in front of the Judge, be courteous and respectful. Remember, the District Court Judge is not your enemy. They have a job to do in Oklahoma divorce court. So respect them, and they will respect you as long as you follow the rules. Be respectful.

Oklahoma Divorce Forms Without Attorney – Final Court Hearing

A final hearing may take place before the Judge reviews your final divorce decree. If both parties agree on all terms of the divorce forms, this part will be short and sweet, and you could leave Court that day with a finalized divorce decree in hand.

If there is more than one unsettled issue or disagreement over any term of the Decree, then another hearing date will likely be set. If you need to fix any errors due to typing errors, such errors are called “scrivener” errors. And you or your Attorney will need to fix these errors before the Court and opposing counsel can review them.

Divorce Forms: The Final Hearing

The final hearing can occur anytime from 10 days after filing the Petition with no minor children or 90 days when minor children are involved. Your waiting period depends upon your circumstances.

The Judge may ask questions regarding what’s included in the decision behind your agreements, but usually not. Instead, the arrangements of the parties are discussed in detail by attorneys or mediators. This frees the Judge for other matters they need to attend at this time, such as newly filed suits by other parties, victims who have been waiting patiently for the sentencing of criminals, etc. The point is that most Oklahoma courts are very easy to work with if you have all of your forms drafted correctly.

“…where they wish to obtain a divorce. At least one of the parties signing Oklahoma divorce forms must be an Oklahoma resident for at least 90 days before filing Oklahoma divorce papers. It’s okay if both are not Oklahoma residents, but at least one must meet this residency requirement.”

Dispute Resolution with a Divorce Mediator

A divorce mediator in Oklahoma has the same job description from county to county. They have expertise at their fingertips to ensure that every aspect of the divorce process is adequately addressed. These Oklahoma family law professionals are similar Oklahoma attorneys who have years of experience with Oklahoma divorce. A mediation session usually takes place for an entire day for a couple, which is exhausting and emotionally trying. However, if there are children involved, it might be best to do this before Christmas or the summer rather than during these times so that there is no interference with school and extracurricular activities of your kids.

A good Mediator can settle most cases reasonably quickly, rather than taking a case down the rabbit hole of lengthy divorce. Mediation is entirely voluntary rather than the forced authority of a Judge. If you cannot reach an agreement, then litigation is still an option. 

A skilled divorce mediator can help you to get through this end of your marriage in an as stress-free manner as possible. If both parties are able to agree on the terms outlined, then all that is needed is a couple of signatures, and it is done.

In Oklahoma, I highly recommend the services of Express Documents and Mediation. Not only did they make me feel comfortable with my Oklahoma divorce forms, but he got them filed for me and helped me with questions along the way. When filing Oklahoma divorce forms, it can be difficult to know which Oklahoma divorce forms applies. An experienced mediator will help ensure you are filling out Oklahoma divorce forms correctly and using the correct Oklahoma divorce forms for your situation.

Can You Do Your Own Divorce in Oklahoma?

The answer is YES! You can do your own divorce Oklahoma divorce forms in Oklahoma, but it might not be the best option for everyone. With Oklahoma divorce forms, you can file for an Oklahoma divorce without paying a lawyer to go to Court. Whoever wants the Oklahoma divorce filed has to sign the Oklahoma divorce Petition. If there are no children involved and there is no property that needs to be divided, then all that is needed is a couple of signatures, and it is done.

Avoid Online Companies

Online companies can provide free and even cheap divorce forms. The problem with free forms is they do not work properly for every situation. It’s a good idea to work with a reputable – local company to get your divorce papers drafted properly. A brick and mortar company can ensure local guidelines are followed properly. Plus, there’s an added benefit of going to a physical place and knowing “who” you will speak with. 

The forms that the Court approves for filing have a specific format. Therefore, the Oklahoma divorce forms offered by an online company may not meet the standards set forth in Oklahoma law, and your paperwork may be returned to you. Please note: Oklahoma Statutes Title 43 sets forth the proper Oklahoma divorce forms.

an uncontested divorce

If you have thought that divorce was too expensive or too complicated, it is far easier to get an uncontested divorce than you think.  Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce  is here to make your divorce as inexpensive and easy as possible.  We have Oklahoma divorce forms at the lowest possible prices. 

Even an uncontested divorce comes with paperwork that can be complicated and confusing.  If have been searching online then you have probably encountered hundreds of options from very expensive attorneys ready to do battle for you to forms that you can download that you have to fill out yourself.  Expensive attorneys are well…expensive and if you and your spouse have already agreed on how you are going to separate then they are also unnecessary.  Downloadable forms means filling out the paperwork yourself and making mistakes that can cost you in the long run.

Let Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce take care of the paperwork for you.  We will make sure that the paperwork has been done properly then you can file it yourself, this is by far the easiest and most convenient option for obtaining your uncontested divorce. 

Oklahoma Divorce Forms
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Oklahoma Divorce Forms

We offer three different types of uncontested divorce forms, we will take care of filling out the forms for you.  If you want a simple divorce and you and your spouse have no children then you are going to need the Divorce Without Minor Children forms.  It is the easiest and fastest option and you can have your divorce completed in as little as two weeks. 

Prices start at just $75, and we can get started today!

If you and your spouse do have minor children and have already come to an agreement on custody and support you can still get an uncontested divorce however, it will take a bit longer for the process to complete. You will need to fill out the Divorce With Minor Children paperwork in order to proceed with your divorce. 

The last option is for those who have been separated from their spouse for years and have no idea how to reach them and have no contact at all.  In this case Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce would complete the paperwork for a Divorce By Publication.  This process will take the longest amount of time of the three but it is still your best option for getting a divorce. 

Let us make your uncontested divorce as easy as possible. 

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